Why Balmain?

We prefer dirty boots. 

Balmain mining engineers are armed with years of working on mine sites for mining operators. This operational experience helps us provide real-world, practical and achievable solutions to take on your site's challenges, and solve them at every operational level.

Balmain Engineering, LLC has no minimum project spend and no time limits. We welcome all opportunity to add value.  


No two mines are alike. Every deposit and every site is unique. Combined, our team has worked on projects across 10 countries and throughout the United States. This perspective enhances our ability to identify risk and tailor each answer.

We focus on the importance of simple, strong communication helping to align site departments and your organizational chain. Mining can be complex. We can provide support to declutter systems and add to the mining value chain.


We are enthusiastic.

We have a passion for mining and believe in our industry. No one will work harder or be more committed to your team and the success of your project.