Balmain is a suburb in Sydney's Inner West. It was once home to a coal mine.


In 1897, Balmain Colliery operations commenced with the sinking of the 'Birthday' shaft followed by the 'Jubilee' shaft both located just north of Birchgrove primary school in Sydney, Australia. The mine was notorious for hot, humid, dusty and gassy working conditions. Tough people dealt with tougher situations, toiling to build a city and a nation. Industrial and financial troubles brought an end to mining in 1931 and the closure and portal sealed in 1957.

Today, Balmain, charming and artistic, boasts some of the most sought after real estate in Australia. It is a beautiful place where families are raised and Sundays are reserved for leisure.

Balmain Engineering, LLC is a family-owned Maryland company that provides contract engineering and consulting services to the mining industry. Our engineers have over 50 years of combined mining experience coupled with an extensive network within the industry. Our services include: mining, environmental and contract engineering services as we strive to support the minerals and energy trade.

Balmain Engineering, LLC is involved in our local community and has a one year goal of achieving meaningful green business status.