Take only what you need, and leave the land as you found it


With a breadth of professional experience, our engineers have worked on site helping projects achieve environmentally sustainable outcomes which find the balance between nature and responsible mining.




The National Environmental Policy Act (1970).
Balmain Engineering has partnerships with
leading NEPA experts as well as new mine
and expansion experience with the NEPA process
and documentation. Guide your project through
each step towards final approval.

+ Lead Agency Selection
+ Scoping Process
+ Plan of Operations
+ EA preparation: Draft to final
+ EIS preparation: Draft to final
+ Comment Organization
+ Acceptance


Begin with the end in mind.

Balmain engineering can provide robust assumptions and simple costing to support your reclamation bond and help leave a legacy worth showing others.


Mining projects require federal, state and local permits. Our team will gather information, file permits with the appropriate agencies and work with stakeholders pulling your project start date closer.